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Sexual Harassment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has defined sexual harassment as "unwelcome sexual advancements, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature…when… submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for employment decisions… or such conduct has the purpose or effect of… creating intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment."



Sexual harassment is far broader than threats of discharge for rejecting sexual advances. Other circumstances of sexual harassment include:


Repeated sexual innuendo, obscene or off-color jokes, slurs, lewd remarks and language


Content in letters and notes, faxes, e-mail, and graffiti that is of a sexual nature or sexually abusive


Sexual propositions, insults, and threats


Sexually-oriented demeaning names


Persistent unwanted sexual or romantic overtures or attention


Leering, whistling, or other sexually suggestive sounds or gestures


Displaying pornographic pictures, calendars, cartoons, or other sexual material in the workplace


Coerced or unwelcome touching, patting, brushing up against, pinching, kissing, stroking, massaging, squeezing, fondling, or tickling


Subtle or overt pressure for sexual favors


Coerced sexual intercourse



Sexual harassment statutes are in effect in various forms in all states and are generally modeled on the federal law (Title VII). What principally differ from state-to-state are the remedies and damages given in successful sexual harassment claims. Some states allow money damages for personal injuries while others also allow punitive damages to be rewarded.

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